How much does formula cost again?  What brands are better options?
I just can’t handle the pain.  He keeps biting.  And drawing blood.
Every. time. he. nurses.
And then when he’s nursing, he first sucks off the poor scab, then bites me again.
It hurts enough that I’m crying, and I didn’t cry during childbirth (just moaned).
I want to keep breastfeeding him, but at this rate, I won’t have nipples by the time Thanksgiving comes around.
And I only have enough pumped breastmilk to last until tomorrow morning or so.

It wasn’t this bad with the older one.


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  1. Ugh, you poor thing!  While biting hasn’t been an issue, I stopped nursing D at 4 weeks because his latch was terrible and I couldn’t stand the pain anymore. 
    Formula costs a lot, though it’s cheapest in the powdered form, which is what I used, and if you can buy it in bulk at a place like Cotsco or Sam’s Club. 
    If you are going to switch, keep pumping/bf-ing him while you try out different formulas.  You don’t want to find out he’s allergic to everything except the super expensive formula after you’ve weaned. 
    They do make organic formulas.  I used similac, organic wasn’t available to me 8 years ago and I’m sure it’s not cheap.  But I have seen them at our health food store. 
    Have you called a lactation consultant or LLL?  Maybe they would have some ideas for you about the biting.  Boo stopped biting pretty quick after she learned that biting = no more nursing.  It sounds like you’ve gone beyond that though.  Even if you have to quit, you’ve given him a great start.  Look into your options and do what you need to do.  (((Hugs)))

  2. Oooh. I’m so sorry mama. We had scabs and such over here but I just yelped a couple of times and that scared her good. I’m sure you have done that and then some. This is weak but it’s all I can think of: Have you tried or calling a local LLL leader? How about checking out the BF forums at MDC? Again, my heart goes out to you and I ::shudder:: for your pain as well. (((hugs)))

  3. ((hugs))have you considered raw milk? (email me if you wanna know more about what I’m talking about) I’ve put Eva on it and it helps a lot. but about the BFing. can you pump and it not hurt the scabs? I would try that if at all possible. lather up your nipples at all times with somethign antibacterical (I’m sure they have a neosporin type organicy natural thing out there) and inbetween feedings. could you nurse on one side and let the other heal for a day or two? or wear breastshields?oh don’t give up yet! call a LLL or an LC ok. you NEED support right now. being biten is NO fun. and if it’s hurting that bad I think you need to let that boy know! I know some moms aren’t agianst that. but it’s better than havign to give up nursing in my opinion!

  4. Formula does cost a lot. I haven’t checked out formula prices in years, but when I used formula with M (5 years ago) I used to buy 4-packs of the big size cans of powder and spend about $90. That would get me through a couple of weeks – and I was only FF part time to cover the slack when my supply dropped.
    Like Laura said, you don’t have to use formula. When my supply dropped with E (I have a hormonal problem related to my endocrine issues that causes it) I didn’t go the formula route. I couldn’t pump out enough and so I used goat’s milk to supplement, and then eventually some soy milk (but not much) and almond milk. Raw milk would also be an option. How old is DS2? Some of these decisions might be weighed against his age.
    I also think you should find a LLL leader or try calling your midwife. She may have suggestions, or be able to point you towards a local LC. If you pump, can you get enough out to exclusively pump and use bottles for awhile? The rest may help your breasts heal. It’s hard when you have a biter. E was like that (Though not to this extent. Ouch!) and I did find something that works – it’s not instinctual, but when baby bites, instead of yelping or pulling away, which aggrevates the sores, try pushing his head into your breast. What you are doing is blocking off his nasal passages, and unable to breathe, he will immediately latch off and pull away. It sounds awful to write it out, but it works. Because after a steady pattern of bite/smoosh/no air, it reinforces that biting leads to unpleasant things – for both of you. He’s non-verbal still so the yelping probably becomes funny over time, and seems more like a pattern of bite/get amused.
    I’m sorry you’re hurting. I hope you are able to find some relief soon.

  5. I had this same problem with my little one.  It was AWFUL!!!  I ended up seeing a lactation consultant and she helped me a lot.  Here’s what I did.  I got a nipple shield…they are kind of awkward to use at first but it makes all the difference when your poor nipples are trying to heal up – I had no pain at all the first time I used it.  I also used a neosporin type medicine on my nipples and it helped them heal up really fast.  I think the actual stuff started with P?  I can’t remember off the top of my head.  As far as the biting – every time he would do it I would stick my finger in his mouth and unlatch him and tell him “no biting – that hurts mama” with no emotion to my face or voice really.  It seemed to stop after about a week or so of doing that.  I hope that helps.

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