Howard Johnson for $131 including tax for two nights – with two queen beds.  Need to find out whether they’ve got little fridges in any of the rooms though.  But the hotel’s 4 miles from Ikea  Now, to narrow down my shopping list. 

I’ve just had pretty good luck finding decent hotel room deals in Seattle, which is what makes this somewhat frustrating.  Not to mention that the Seattle Tourism website has been down for me for a few days now.    Plus I can’t remember the name or website of the southcenter tourism folks either, so I can’t check their hotel deals.  So anyway, one year I snagged a queen room at Larkspur Landing for $60/night.  Then a king at the Dexter Holiday Inn for $40/night (although that was through work at the time, but still).  Not to mention that I’m just flat out cheap.  Anyway, that made me happy.

But what capped off the night is when dh came home.  He got a very unexpected bonus!  Yay!  (for all the extra hours and weekends and such he’s put in lately)  One more credit card bites the dust!  So a certain credit card gets zeroed, we can take a little vacation to Seattle, and we’re still in good shape.  Life is good. 


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