I need a new serrated bread knife.  A nice sharp one to hide from dh.
Dh keeps using the one my mom gave me years ago to slice cheese from cheese blocks and such.  Instead of the handy 8″ chef’s knife or one of our 4 actual cheese slicers (it’s all those contraptions do!).  No wonder the damn thing won’t saw through bread nicely anymore.    And if I remember right, he doesn’t have the right tools to sharpen a serrated knife.  A few months ago I told him to stop doing that to the poor bread knife, otherwise I was going to go shopping for a new one.  Or I can just stop all manner of homemade bread (cause, you know, it doesn’t come from the oven pre-sliced), or just not let him have any. 

2 thoughts on “

  1. Hmmmmm…. fresh baked bread…….  I’ll bring the butter….  đŸ™‚
    I’m just following my footprints wondering where they lead….. Come on in…. scroll around, post a comet or ask a question….  We’re friendly over at my site (if slightly insane) and the coffee is always on…..

  2. I’d hide it if I were you.  The man, obviously, has no appreciation of what it takes to neatly slice a fresh loaf of bread.  

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