Toddler jumping on bed this afternoon.  Hit the headboard.  Bit his lip.  Blood.  Tantrums.  Crankiness.

Dad showing up unannounced.  Complaining about my mom.    I like my mom better. 

Dh discovered the present the IL’s bought for ds1’s 3rd birthday cost $80+.  Why does a 3yo need $80 binoculars?  He whines about “that one! that one!” while perusing the toy train section of stores.

Listed some dyed prefolds and Fuzzi Bunz on a sale site.  Prefolds sold in a few hours.  FB are still sitting there.

Dh is tired and cranky.  I’m tired and cranky.  House is a mess.  Cars need to be winterized.  Too bad I don’t like Calgon.

One thought on “

  1. Ouch, poor toddler.  Poor Mom. 
    $80!!!!!!!   Oy.  I warned the family a long time ago about buying D expensive gifts.  He breaks everything and it’s just a waste of money.  $80, day-um.   That would buy quite a few toy trains.
    I don’t like Calgon either.

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