Girls night out was fun.  Need to do that again.  Preferably not at Starbucks though.  Loud music, and we were there when the 7pm movies got out (multiplex next door) and the obnoxious high school  kids decided they needed coffee.  Took us almost an hour to get the talking-about-kids stuff out of the way before we moved on to dating, tv shows, gyms and other random stuff.  I guess that’s how you know we’re mommies.

Tonight I thawed 1.5oz of breastmilk to put in a bottle (a Dr. Brown’s bottle leftover from ds1’s era) and see what ds2 would do.  He’s been soley breastfed since he was 10 minutes old, if that.  So he’d never seen a bottle before.  He frantically grabbed that bottle like his little world was ending – he’s big on grabbing everything he can right now, especially if he can get it to his mouth.  Pulled it right up to his mouth, and started chewing on it.  I tipped it up, and he sucked it all down.  Huh.  Well, at least now I know he can take a bottle without much of a fight.  But just 15 minutes later he drained both boobs.  He’s growing, even though I swear he’s getting thinner (but he’s around 28 inches tall!).

And just a little dose of tmi, I need to figure out how to get constipated.  Every time I try to do my business, someone rolls off the bed.  Or couch.  Or breaks the screen door.  Or spills apple juice all over the table/tablecloth and my brand new calendar.  Which I’m off to start filling out…


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  1. if you want ds to continue taking a bottle I would consider letting DH feed him with one nce of twice a week. It seems as they get over 6mos it is increasingly harder to convince them of the bottle idea. and vice versa. when yu’re feeling way touched out or overwhelmed having the option to stick both kids with dh for an hour or two is WONDEFFUL!LOL about the constipation. same thing at our house. but I promise constipation actually makes you in the bathroom MORE… so perhaps you could just only poop at night and on weekends? 😉 how much are you selling the fbs for? I have one othr mama I had told I would buy her fbs from and I forgot about it til now. I wonder if she still has them! I’m dying to try the new AIO swaddlebees though!

  2. I’m so glad you had a good time, Friday.
    We were lucky in that we could fit a pack and play in our bathroom.  That’s where Boo went for awhile when accompaning me on “business”. 
    You don’t want to get constipated.  Sure you’ll end up on the throne less often but you’ll have to sit there longer.  And it really sucks when you hear “the scream” right when you’re at the point of no return. 

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