Oh my.

Tonight we were up in the kids’ room.
I had ds2 safely ensconsed in the crib (so ds1 won’t flop or jump on him), and was messing around with ds1 on his bed (tickling, giggling, the usual).
I wanted a hug, and he kept refusing.
So I stuck out my lower lip and pretended to cry.
He comes over, pets my arm, says “it’s okay mommy” and gave me a hug.
How could a mommy not melt after that?

In a related note, we were at a friends house who has a little girl ds’s age and a 1yo boy.  While we were there playing, the little boy woke up from his nap, and was *very* cranky.  Ds1 goes over to him, pets him, gives him a few hugs, gets him his sippy and snack, and kept saying “it’s okay.”  It was so blasted cute, almost like he was a second little mother.  Holy cow, I guess the kid really is paying attention to how we comfort him and his brother.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Awwwww!  You’re such an awesome mommy!
    Thank you for the book suggestion, I found a used one on Amazon.  I know dh will come around to homeschooling, it’ll just take some time.

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