Have I mentioned lately that I’m really digging our bumGenius diapers?
And am seriously considering buying a bunch more for the rest of our stash?
Like 12-18 more at least?
We’ve already got 12+ of the one-size pockets right now. 

They fit both the skinny 28-30 pound toddler and the hulk of an infant (20 pounds maybe – our grocery store’s produce scales don’t go up that high).  Even as the chunky thighed hulk has outgrown his small and medium Fuzzi Bunz.  Which he’s now starting to outgrow.  Oy.

So now I’m torn.  Do I get a bunch more of the already proven one-size bumGenius pocket diapers?  Or do I get some of the large bG AIO’s?  (they’ll both fit into larges I believe)  And really, the only thing(s) stopping me from clearing out the Cotton Babies store this minute is…
a) It’s a chunk of change that I don’t have available quite yet (damn this responsibility and budget crap), and
b) I’ve never really had a sole stash of one kind of diaper (until we discovered VB AIO’s worked great on ds1) and that makes me a little nervous.
Because you know, what if your baby completely does a 180 and changes it’s shape?  With ds1 I figured out what to expect, and he’s been in medium-longs for almost 2 years so far.  Ds2… well, he’s gone through smalls and now mediums probably before he hits 6mo.  But considering so far the bG’s fit *both* of them (ds2 breezed through the small setting and is about done with the medium setting), I probably shouldn’t be worried about that.  Plus it’ll be nice to have the one-size pockets on hand for when ds1’s VB AIO’s shred beyond repair/recognition – this way I’ll already have some diapers that fit him on hand that I can definitely still use for ds2.  Rather than have to buy some diapers just for ds1 only to have him turn around and finally potty-train.

Now to try and sell my little heart out on ebay and DS so I can go shop…

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