So.  He’s figured out that the stepstool is a pretty great thing to have around.

Yup, both asleep.  The entire backseat of our car is kid carseats.

I did some baking.  There were a lot more rolls before this was taken.

Someone helped me with the sprinkles on the carrot cake.

The actual birthday party (at which only one friend with only her
toddler showed up – the one person who wasn’t sure if she’d be able to
come!).  I swear it’s gotta be my curse or something.


3 thoughts on “

  1. he probably had more fun with one kid thna handful… they end up getting on eahc other nerves! is by any chance the tank top you’re wearing a maternity shirt? I have an old maternity shirt than I now where as a regular shirt (you can’t tell b/c it just stretched for the belly when I was pregnany and now lies flat) and it look just like that.I hope this doesn’t seem creepy, but you are so beautiful!! You have a glow about you and that is my very favorite this about a person. I know you can only see bits and peices of your face on this picture b/c your son is in the way and all… but you can still see it… the glow. your radiant. very few people have that about them.

  2. Yup, our stepstool has been co-opted for many a nefarious purpose. 
    Yummy cake!  I love the little star pans.
    RYC – Yes, I should save it. If she grows up to be really anal at least we’ll know where it started. 

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