Hahaha… Laura, you’re funny.  ‘don’t spend all day cleaning.’  Hahaha…  I couldn’t even if I wanted to.  I consider it a good day if I can get dishes done. 

I don’t get any magazines, dh’s get sent to work, and I open mail over by the burn bin (which is right where all the credit card offers go).  We’re already to the point where I don’t like bringing more stuff into the house.  It’s starting to annoy me when my dad brings up crap he thinks me and dh ‘need.’  And unfortunately I need to get a bunch of stuff from my parents house to sort through before my dad throws everything from my childhood away.

Seriously thinking about the chore list thingie…  If I could get dh in the habit of looking at it and do something on it every once in a while that might be nice…

Anyway, I need to get photos of stuff and sell some diapers, a video game of dh’s, my wedding dress, and a few other things around here.  Let’s see how far I can get, especially with doing a few things for ds1’s party this weekend.

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