I think I may have figured out (at least part of) why our main living area is a mess.  I don’t have any space in the entire house that’s just *mine*.  Even my bedside table isn’t fully mine – I’ve got teething tablets and a snot-sucker in there, along with a few tags from random clothes that end up in there.

The living room…

Living room from the opposite direction…

Kitchen from the dining room by the patio door…

Kitchen from the stairs (yes, I have a problem doing dishes, too)…

The dining room…

Okay.  So this level is where the kids and I spend the majority of our time.  Ds1 loves going outside and playing with the grass, dirt, and random toys.  And since we (usually me) make most of our food from at least semi-scratch, the kitchen gets used a lot.  Most of the crap on the kitchen ‘island’ is my stuff.  That I need to do something with, read, what have you.
Where else can I put it where I wouldn’t ignore it?  Guest room’s out because it’s now a mess, plus ds1 has discovered his bed sucks and he’d rather sleep in there half the time.  Master bedroom’s too small, plus I’m hardly up there except when it’s sleep time.  Den’s not a good idea because it’s where dh’s stuff is, it’s down there behind the dresser in the dining room (which has ds1’s coloring stuff, phone books, tablecloths and napkins and the bottom drawer is my wool.  Basement is a horrid mess (which I take a bunch of blame for), and there’s no way we can have the kids down there for a long amount of time without yelling and/or injuries happening.  Oh, and my computers?  On a little table (go back and look at the living room picture, I’ll wait…) between the green loveseat and cream couch, in front of our burn barrel pile and a speaker.

Anyway, just needed to whine.  If you’ve got any ideas/solutions that are free/extremely cheap, I’m all ears (or email, you know what I mean).

That’s how boring I am lately.  Started back to the gym on Sunday.  A few muscles are sore.  So anyway, we’re just chugging along, and I keep checking out a variety of ‘strange’ books from the library. 

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  1. It’s hard NOT to be cluttered when you have kids.  We had a “spare” bedroom which we turned into a family/toy room.  All of the toys are there, a bed, a chair, my computer table, and the big television.  That way, we can “contain” the mess.  I love bins and boxes and crates…of any type!  Maybe you guys could “juggle” some rooms.  (I love doing stuff like this at home, but don’t feel “qualified” to suggest it to anyone else.)  A basement den or home office could be nice and solitary.

  2. You have two little children.  If you want a neat house, too, then something’s gotta give.  You could decide what, or just live with the clutter for a little while longer.
    My house isn’t the neatest but it’s been much easier to keep on top of with one in school and the other old enough to amuse herself or at least help more than hinder.
    A few years ago, when Boo was little, I complained about the state of our house to my neighbor.  He told me about his mother who lives on the east coast, a couple thousand miles from here and she’s a few hours away from her children.  He said she cleans the house all day.  Her children are gone and aren’t nearby, she’s widowed, she doesn’t have a lot of outside interests or friends.  So she cleans the house.  She has a spotless house and not much else. This story reminds me to enjoy life and the little children that will not be here making a mess forever.  It helped me move from being constantly annoyed to just accepting things the way they were. 
    I don’t have my own space, either.  I told dh that, in our next house, screw my own closet.  I want my own storage room.  Anyway, what I find most helpful is just picking up as I go.  Don’t walk through a room without grabbing something that needs to go where you’re going or into the trash.  It helps keep things under control most days.  Bins are a great idea, we have them for the kids toys.  Otherwise I try to get rid of stuff we don’t need. 
    Good luck!  And be gentle with yourself.  You’re raising two little ones, much more important than something out of Good Housekeeping. 

  3. I’m in the same boat. Our problem is that we’re just too big for our space. One room that was just mine because the girls room so the girls and boys could have their own rooms. So I have a space, but even my space is becoming less and less.  Hopefully in a few years we can build and I’ll have my place once more.
    Congrats on going to the gym!

  4. I understand the problem =)my best suggestiong to get rid of anything you wont use in the next 2 mos (or less depending on what it is) unless you can find a place for it and it’s possitively worth the money to store and keep it! do this a trashbag/recycling bin at a time. dont try to blow thru the whole house in a week or you’ll be too stressed!as far as magazines. cut out the articles you really want and put them in a file. recycle the rest.focus on doing a little extra cleaning and organizing in one room each day/week or whatever time frame suits you.focus on not bringing anything into the house that doesn’t have a purpose there. if sean comes home with something extra I leave it up to him to find a place for or find something to get rid of something to make room.open mail overtop of the trashcan so it doen’t linger around on the countertops an get lost (like mine does when I’m not careful!)make up a chore list. daily chores/weekly chores/husband chores/ and extraa you wanna get when you have a min. (it happens once in a while!)don’t spend your whole day cleaning. just turn on a timer for like 10-20 mins intervals thru out the day (even 5!) and clean like made during that time and then stop. go play with the kids. you’ll be surprise hw much you can accomplish in 5 or 10 mins when you’re racing the timer!! it’s oddly motivating. and it wont let you think about things too long so you can’t talk yourself into keeping junk! =)but mostly, enjoy life. b/c it wont always been this way. and he kids wont always be so cute! =)

  5. I can’t keep my house clean.  I have tried, and I give up.  If I had a bigger house with closets, and pantries, and that sort of thing, my house would not be dirty.  I know this, because when I did live in a large apartment, it looked beautiful all the time, and took maybe just a few minutes to straighten up everyday.  Now that I live in this tiny little home that is paid for and all my own, it looks like chaos.  My husband keeps promising me a bigger home, or even a large mobile home, but until then, we have to live with our mess.
    Have a Great Day!
    Laurel Santiago

  6. Right there with ya. Only ours has boxes of crap everywhere. The only solution I have right now is Goodwill. And Craig’s List. I’m just finally tossing it all. If it doesn’t have a home, it’s going away.I’m in crazy-purge mode, though. Congrats on hitting the gym!

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