In between acting like demon spawn, the toddler than be super cute.

This afternoon he was all agitated and wanted me to come outside with him for something.  After grabbing my hand and leading me towards the garden I finally figure out what he’s saying.  “Basil?  Basil?  Bruschetta?  Pick some basil?”  So tomorrow we may have some brushetta if I can get off my butt and make some bread.

Then later we made some cookies.  Well, the little sinker of course had to grab a cookie from the cooling rack, not paying any attention to the little plate I’d set out for him.  So then we sit at his little toddler table having cookies and water (water doesn’t smell if he drops it on the shag).  After I finish one cookie, he jumps up, runs into the kitchen, and comes back to put another cookie on my plate.  “Why, thank you honey!”  “Welcome!”  Heehee.  He did that several times until I decided it’s not in mommy’s best interests to eat a whole batch of cookies in one afternoon.  Ah, toddlers.


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  1. RYC:  Just leave the skins on.  There’s so much texture inthese muffins with the nuts and fruits, and the skins cook up so soft, the kids won’t even notice that they’re there.  I can get Brenna anywhere NEAR a zuke, but she’ll eat two or thee of these muffins at a setting.  Since they don’t contain processed sugar, I really don’t mind.  They do, however, make the kiddos poop!

  2. They have to be cute once in awhile, it ensures their survival. 
    So……we’re NOT supposed to eat a whole batch of cookies in one afternoon??  Not that I’ve ever done that.  Nope. 

  3. MwaC – Well, I don’t do nuts around here.  I’m a freak and don’t like nuts in my cookies or cakes or breads or anything.  Unless it includes chunky peanut butter or something. 

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