Okay, so you all know I can sit and leaf through the Ikea catalog for hours.  Regardless of how old the catalog is.  Well, I found a new catalog to drool over.  And I’m going to actually be able to buy stuff from it!  Although I’m sure my current dream total’s up in the $300 range, which’ll need to be pared down.  A lot.  We also need to get some stuff for drip irrigation and whatnot because the overhead sprinkler thing sucks.  It just does.  And I plan to keep gardening for a while.

I finally got my recent photos off the camera, so it’s photo day before I get distracted again.

Compliments of my dad – so all we have to do is fill in all the blanks (or whatever, I haven’t started it yet) and file it with the county.  No lawyer fees!  You know how happy that makes me?

We’ve also been discussing life insurance.  Fun stuff. 

I took all this…

And turned it into this:

Last week.  Eh, it was a good starting point.  Think I used too much cilantro from the garden.  Dh wants a salsa that’s more like what you’d find at our local Mexican restaurant.  I’m thinking the recipe will involve a little more pepper, tomato paste, and maybe some garlic.  I’m willing to trade (some) recipes if you’ve got a killer salsa recipe.

What the living room looked like at the end of my rotten day.

That’s the sleeper-sofa we got from a friend.  Haven’t been able to find a slipcover for it.  So dirty cream with purply flowers it stays.  It works.  Cushions come off for fort-making, so no worries.

The big one.

The little one.

This is what I get to wake up to.  So cute.

Lookie what I found today out in the garden!

Almost forgot about our apricots again this year.  What can I do with all these apricots?  I’m not that big a fan of them, although they smell fantastic.  Ds1’s been refusing them.  Cobbler or cake or some salad or something?  Need to do some recipe looking…

But in the meantime, off to drool over my garden catalog again…

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