Let’s recap today, shall we?

Both munchkins woke up at 9:02am on the dot.
I didn’t get a shower.
It rained in the afternoon.
Ds1 can’t drink limeade anymore.  At least until he’s potty-trained.
It’s midnight and I’m on my second glass of water today.
Suffice it to say, ds2 hasn’t been pleased with my lack of hydration.
Saw snippets of Steve Irwin’s memorial today.  His daughter made me cry.
Neither kid went down until 11pm.
Ds1 only took a 20 minute nap.
He also tried to maim his little brother with: pillows, a broken string of beads, a slinky, a train and boots.  To name a few.
Ds1 refused everything but yogurt and applesauce today.
Finally started a load of laundry.

I’m tired.


2 thoughts on “

  1. My sympathies on what I’m guessing the limeade caused.  Boo couldn’t have orange juice until pt-ing for a similar reason. 
    Bindi Irwin is adorable, she looks just like her father.
    I hope today is a little better.

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