Okay, so remember when we didn’t find out whether ds2 was going to be a boy or a girl?  Or even twins?
And ds1 kept telling us it was going to be his baby brother?
Well a few days ago he was going on and on about his baby sister. 
That makes me *very* nervous.
Just a side note: Do used hpt’s develop a faint positive line after a few days of sitting on the bathroom counter?  I could swear I see one there, but am hoping it’s a weird evaporation thing.

Ds1’s been pooping in the toilet for 3 days now! 
We didn’t catch one yesterday, he did half in his diaper and the other half on the toilet.  Probably because I wasn’t paying enough attention or something.  So he strips to his birthday suit every. single. time. to do his business.  When he’s done we clean up his seat, say bye-bye to the poop, and flush.  It’s really quite amusing.  He still wants to wear diapers though – he vehemently opposes his underwear right now.  Whatever.  It’s not like I’m done with diaper laundry anyway.

And lastly, what size do you think little moose will be in come springtime?  I need to order the kid clothes in the next day or two before all my clearance stuff is gone.  And the only short-sleeved shirts I have are either 6-12mo onesies (which ds1 wore until he was 15+mo) or 2T (which ds1 is still wearing).  12mo long-sleeved shirts are loose on ds2, but he’ll be growing into them before we know it.  I can also barely stuff him into 12mo and 18mo pants as well (good thing I’m into longies, even though we’re using pockets).
So, should I spring for a few 18-24mo short-sleeved shirts for ds2 at $3 a pop?

Yes, I know I’m boring with all this kid stuff, but that’s just the way it is right now.

ETA: I’m 99.99% sure it’s an evaporation line.  Not feeling pregnant, and really don’t want to be.  Besides, where would we put another kid?  Or *if* we did get pregnant, and *if* it was another boy – could you imagine our poor grocery bill in coming years?  And odds are dh would divorce me because I’m a complete bitch when I’m pregnant.  Add in the maniacal toddler(s) and well…  not a fun house.


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  1. I’m sorry, I’ll be unable to comment on anything beyond the first paragraph because I am still reeling! Dude—get another test, pronto. I will be waiting here, in my uncomfy computer chair, until you do.
    Seriously, no idea about the moose babe. I mean, Abigail is still fitting in some of her 3-6 month shirts. I guess keep the same adjusted size in mind ie: if he’s wearing stuff that’s 6 months ahead of his age now, just get stuff that’s 6 months ahead of his age then. Do you grow long babies? That’s the only thing I would keep in mind. You can always roll a waistband or make some cuffs if you get something too long.
    Thinking of you!

  2. It’s an evap line.  Not to undermine your ds’s psychic powers, but that’s an evap line.
    I’d get the 2T or 18-24m.  He won’t be wearing them until late spring/summer right?  Better a little too big than too small. 

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