Been a little busy today.

This afternoon was a little game I like to call “How many bowls can we get dirty?”

The bowls were to make…

Cookies that my mom made for me to take to school on my birthday back in kindergarten and first grade.  She lost the recipe during our move in second grade, and found it a year or so ago.  I finally got around to making them.  You know ding dongs?  Or little debbie cake-type things?  I’ve now got the homemade version. 

More zucchini muffins for us and for a friend’s birthday party tomorrow.

MIL’s cream cheese frosting.  Dh now wants me to make a carrot cake.  Maybe tomorrow or Monday depending on how the kids are. 

And the garden:

See that foot?  That’s my size 7 tennis shoe next to the giant zucchini. 
At least we’ll have plenty of green beans for when my parents and sister come up on Sunday or Monday.

Rounding out the night…

FIL took ds1 out to see the stars and moon one night last week or whenever they were over (I can’t remember anymore).  Ever since, ds1 must go outside to see the moon and stars at night before bed.  The cool thing is that we don’t have streetlights, so we can just walk outside or even look out the patio door to see the stars.  Pretty cool. 

Totally getting excited about trying out camping again next year.  Last time I was out ‘camping’ was girl scout camp almost 10 years ago.  And as a counselor I got to take showers and we all had flushing toilets (don’t forget to leave the lid down, otherwise you may find a drowned squirrel in ’em!).  So it was kinda wuss camping to some I’m sure.

So, turns out dh has an 8×8-foot tent hiding in the basement (never opened even), a kerosene heater/burner/something (conspiracy theorist FIL apparently got it for him in case the power went out at dh’s old bachelor pad), a burned-up-but-still-functional Coleman stove (some dumb girl who thought she could turn it on blew it up), and we each have our own sleeping bags from days of yore.  Even found a neat little cot for one or both of the boys at a random yard sale in our neighborhood for a few bucks.  Which is awesome because it can also be used for extra guests here in the house.  My poor sister has to sleep in some very creative arrangements when she visits us.  So anyway, my point was that I may end up putting that tent up on craigslist or something and see if I can sell it for more than I paid…  We’ll see.  I miss having the Tri-State flagship store around me – they had a giant loft with dozens of tents set up so you could walk in and out and mess around with all the doors/windows/gadgets. 

The only real reason I’d want to camp near Seattle is because it’d probably be cheaper to camp than to get a hotel room when we’re visiting family.  I’ve got family in Everett, Seattle and the Chehalis areas.  But camping on their front or back lawns may be our best bet… 

Off to fold diapers before attempting sleep…


5 thoughts on “

  1. Okay, you MUST post the recipe for those eskimo pies/whatever they’re called.  Pretty-pretty pleeeeeeaaaassseee!!!!!  Ds wants me to buy those Little Debbie things for his school lunch and I refuse.
    Sounds like you guys are ready to camp.  Good luck selling the tent.  Somebody will want it. 

  2. Mmmmmmmmmm, do I see a stuffed zuke in your future?
    I do remember reading (okay laughing) at an article about a woman and her family going camping in West Seattle. There’s a campground around there. I laughed my ass off because the tone of the article made it sound like she was way out in the deep boon docks, but she was like 10 minutes from her house. She forgot the freakin’ hotdogs and went back for them for pete’s sake.
    But if you’re looking for a place to stay to avoid the hotel scene while visiting, that may be an option.

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