We’ve been busy.

 (notice the lack of any counter space)



Snapping green beans.  Got a warm fuzzy feeling at the time.  Years ago (like 15-20 years ago) I sat at this exact same old oak dining table snapping beans with Grandma.  And she and her mom/grandma/whoever may have sat at this table even before that doing the same exact thing.  Lots of good memories.  Although I much preferred shelling peas – now *that’s* fun.

Trying out a no-tv thing.  Like only turning it on at 11pm after munchkins are asleep.  Trying to convince dh it’s not a bad thing.  Besides, we only have a million DVD’s if the veg mood strikes.

Got my new calendar today.  I this calendar.  Seriously.  They only need to come out with a set of “crunchy” stickers and I’d invite it to the prom.


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  1. I used to bake christmas cookies with my grandmother whn I was child. started when Iw as 2 or 3. My mother however would never do that with my kids… she’s too busy or too tires ARG! Those ar darn good memories! good for you for makinggood memories for your kids!

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