This was how last night went.  And naptime today.  See that little space between them with the vertical pillow?  That’s where mommy gets to squeeze in.  They *both* like snuggling up to me – at the same time.  Not always the best thing as this mommy likes her space to wiggle around.


Went shopping in the garden today.  With a produce bag attached to the mei tai in front.

I am so loving that we don’t have to wash off any wax or anything off our produce.  Plus we don’t have to freak out when ds1 steals some strawberries from the strawberry patch. 

We like shiny stuff.  The strainer thingie will get lots of use this weekend as it’s relish-making time. 

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  1. Your kids are adorable. I sleep with dh and 13mo in a queen, I’m the one who accomidates. It ain’t fun… but it’s totally worth it !!!!

  2. Awwww, your little guy is getting so big!!  When did he get so big?  Such cuties, both of them.
    Thumbs up on your garden.  I can’t wait to have one.

  3. I am loving the rosy red cheecks on your little guy. If my children had their way, I would have all three of them in bed! I’ve had to draw the line with my big belly, and the fact that I am in a “full.” John and I haven’t slept together in the same bed since before we moved (IN JUNE!!!!)Love your gardeningesque pictures. I am totally jealous!

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