Geez, did I use “and” enough in that entry below?  Eeesh.

So, do I have cooties?  I’m losing 2 friends here in September.  Both of which have little girls about ds’s age who he has fun playing with – well, sorta.  He’s still working on the whole “manners” thing.  One’s moving to Colorado, other’s moving to California.  Crap.  Here I was thinking I was making headway with making friends near me, and bam!  Not so much.  Well, at least the people that do stick around here know I’ll be here forever.  Unless dh gets a to-good-to-be-true kind of job offer (say, $500K a year, yeah we’ll move for that), yup, we’ll retire here.

Which I’m okay with – I was used to my grandparents having roots where they ended up, and we couldn’t even go to the gas station without talking to someone for 10-15 minutes (and don’t even think about the grocery stores – both Grandmas knew all the workers and half the customers).  My parents stayed in one place for most of my childhood, which I still have mixed feelings about.  The town sucked and we all hated it.  Still all do I believe.  But we did have a house – one that my grandma hung the wallpaper in, that I snuck out of during high school, that we sledded down the front lawn before the trees got huge and Dad did his crazy-ass landscaping, etc.  It was sorta home, but sorta not.  I always felt way more at home/comfortable at my grandparents houses, and I’m totally comfortable where dh and I ended up.  Apparently that was a tangent to myself, sorry. 

Oh, and to my sister’s ex-boyfriend (who doesn’t read this or know about it, but still)…
You’re an asshole!  Grow up and move on with your life.  This isn’t 2nd grade or junior high.  You’re an adult, so act like one!  There’s much more I could say, but I don’t need to get riled up about his sorry ass (and I won’t go into the details of it here out of respect for my sister, but he’s still an asshat).

And the gate’s back up so we don’t have a baby rolling down the stairs.

Ds1 was *really* confused for half a day, and now it’s a new toy.

Which reminds me, if anybody out there sees any Brio or Thomas the Tank Engine (or whatever he is) train stuff for a steal on ebay or at TJMaxx or something, let me know asap.  Still got a month until ds1’s birthday and a few more for Christmas, but because of the girl scout in me I like being prepared.  Have I mentioned we have a Christmas present for ds1 for next year or the year after that?  A ginormous tin of Tinkertoys that he’s still a little too young for now.  Yeah… compulsive much? 

Back to happy stuff…  It took me 2.5 hours to make zucchini muffins.

2 hours to prep/mix/grate everything and 25 minutes to bake.  If I hadn’t had to get drinks/snacks for ds1 or had to nurse and put ds2 down or change a diaper or run downstairs to the pantry to get some stuff it would’ve only taken me 20-30 minutes to prep.  I’ll be able to do stuff like this again by myself in a few years, right?  Or they’ll at least help a little instead of completely hinder?

Back to semi-paranoid…  who’s from North Carolina and Indiana?  Most everybody else I have a clue (I get the Germany and northwest states and such), but those are completely random and I don’t think I know anybody from those states.  Just leave a comment or message or email me so I don’t start freaking out… 

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  1. I’m not from NC or Indiana, but I do stop by and read occasionally. I hope you don’t mind. Sorry about your friends moving away. 😦

  2. I’m from NC–I found your site from MDC.  I’m the mom of 2 boys and just starting cloth diapering.  Hope it’s ok to read here. My name’s Melissa.

  3. I’m sorry your friends are moving away.    That sucks.  I’m in CO, so at least one is headed my way. 
    You will be able to do stuff again.  Ds2 will be old enough to occupy himself for a little bit before you know it.  And ds1 will be able to play with him so you can get stuff done – quickly.  It takes a year or so but before you know it you won’t have a baby anymore, you’ll have two little boys. 

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