It sure feels like I did a lot more than I checked off my list today.
Dh had the privilege of getting up at 4:30am to get in to work today, and I forget when he’ll be back (by 11 maybe?), so I’ve been on my own.

Got up at 9am when ds peed on the carpet (somehow he managed to move himself to the left within his diaper, leak ensues).  Took a shower with him while ds2 kept sleeping (yay!).  Got us all clean, diapered fed and dressed.  Made a few calls.  Started washing sheets and then diapers.  Went to doctor to get my asthma inhaler prescription renewed.  Ds1 had a *blast* there.  The receptionist has a crated dog (Bonnie) that she brings to work.  We played catch with the dog.  Then the receptionist inadvertantly showed ds1 where the toys were all hidden, so when he was bored with something he kept going back behind her desk to get a new toy.  It was pretty funny.

I’m just loving that doctor though.  He didn’t mind keeping the door open for me so I could keep an eye on ds1 who wanted to stay in the waiting area (I wasn’t all that worried about patient confidentiality – it’s asthma for crying out loud).  They have a dog and toys for ds(s) to play with.  And there’s hardly ever a backup of people there, they almost never overbook, and I don’t have to deal with sick people slobbering on/over my kids.  And did I mention he’s got low prices because he doesn’t deal with the insurance companies?  Yeah.

Moving on… so, I did laundry, hit the PO, the library, the doctor, the pharmacy, called the midwife, took the kiddos and me out for lunch, looked around for ds1’s birthday present, and finally came home.  I still need to hit the farm supply store, the health food store, and something else.

As for stats…
Ds2 is still 26 inches or so, but is 17 pounds according to the doctor’s office!  Wow.  I knew 12mo long-sleeved shirts didn’t completely swallow him up, but still.
And I’m 5-7 pounds (depends on how the scales around me differ) above my pre-pregnancy weight.  Which isn’t bad, but I’m kinda looking forward to going back to the gym in October so I can get rid of at least some of the jiggle.  Not all though.  The kids need something squishy to hang on to, and I’m realistic.  We’ll see how the kids do with the gym thing though.


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