Lots of grated zucchini.  It’s currently in the freezer.  Photos to come when dh’s computer recognizes his keyboard (no idea what’s up with that).

Ds2 can roll over now.  Really well.  If I leave him on the bed for a nap, I’ll find him perpendicular and rolled over 1-2 feet away from where he started.  Really teething.  Lots of drool.  Not so much spit-up anymore.

I can taste preservatives.  They don’t taste good.  I suppose that’s what I get when I make most things from scratch or close to it.  Guess I’ll have to start making my own ice cream sandwiches and such.

Thinking of doing cupcake cones for ds1’s birthday party.  No idea what else.  We’re simple folk, so I’m not going all out.  Especially when you figure we’ll only have half a dozen people max that’ll show up, and kids love amusing things like boxes and a raft as a pool…

I’m going to bed early tonight – yes, Wednesday night.  I had to lay down and cuddle with ds2 tonight (sorta Tuesday night), only to almost doze off when I needed to get back up to finish grating zucchini, do dishes, clean up the kitchen and start diaper laundry.  So tonight it is my mission to fall asleep when I put ds2 down – dirty dishes be damned.

Need to get a new profile pic up, but am not sure what yet.  Thinking about it.  The bucket’s been there for a while.  Still cracks me up though.

Oh, we have little baby beans!  Teeny little green beans!  I’m so excited!  Only problem is that to can them I need a gas burner thingie.  We can’t put our pressure canner on our stove – apparently it’ll do bad things to our ceramic stovetop.  Need to stop by the camping store or farm store.  It’s almost a crap-shoot sometimes figuring out where to find stuff around here.  For example, the best place to buy canning jars?  The local grocery store when they’re on sale.  Need a water bath canner?  Go to the farm supply store.  Want inexpensive milk?  Gas station.  Need a soaker hose?  Again, the farm store (well, that one kinda makes sense, but still).

Which reminds me – does it get easier to do housework when the kids get older?
Because this doing daily clean-up at 1am is starting to get old.
I’m loving the fact I can delay-set the dishwasher to start at 3am, but still.  (I start the diapers on their hot wash at 12/1am, then the dishwasher at 3am so the hot water heater doesn’t explode and so dh still has hot water at 7:30am for his shower.)  I’m getting *really* good at timing my washing appliances in case you couldn’t tell.

Heh, someone googled “mortgage burning party” and found my blog.  Sorry, no ideas for you yet.  Other than a little fire and much joy.  And I’m sure we’d involve zucchini somehow. 

I really should get to bed now…


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  1. Mine are 8 and 3 and it’s easier for me.  They are very capable of self-amusement.  The 8 year old will look after the 3 year old and he understands the concept of “mommy really needs to clean right now”.  So why isn’t my house cleaner?  Don’t ask.
    The endless supply of gigantic green zukes from Mom’s garden has scared me off zucchini for life.  The woman put zucchini in everything well into January.  So none for me at the mortage burning party. 

  2. the same thing happens to me. and YES it does get a lot asier to clean when the kids get older. my older son (who used to drive me completely insane but throwing stuff eveyrwhere and what not) now helps me when Eva’s sleep. Ea is in the most annoying phase with cleaning… she just destroys everything. but Eli was the same at 2… and I know it gets better.there is hope!I’m so jealous of your garden!!! ahh! how blessed you are!I too can aste preservatives. the worst if if you go out and they sevre that nasty bagged lettuce in their salad… it tastes bitter and chemically. YUCK!

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