A trip down memory lane…

On August 10th last year I emailed a friend this:
“Right now I have this gut feeling that we’re going to get pregnant, soon.”

In the next email to her (same day):
“And just in the last few days I’ve gotten this gut feeling that we’re going to be pregnant soon.  Who knows, maybe it’ll be immaculate conception.”  (Things were a little slow for us at that point – it happens with kids around.)

Ten days later I posted this.

Heh.  Never underestimate mommy’s intuition.
Plus on top of that, I told my midwives when the baby would be born – *not* on my ‘due’ date.  Again, I was right

I’m starting to learn how to listen to my gut; I can be eerily accurate sometimes. 


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  1. cool! mommy’s intuition should be trusted just as much as anything else!Even tho docors told me I was wrong, I was wright that Eva had: reflux, SPD, Strep, and HFM virus. I new the doctors werent right b/c I just new. I dont know why I just knew.and I my hsband kinda laughd b/c when Eva came home from the doctors with the staff infection/mouth ulcer “unrelated” diagnosis from the doc last week I went right the computer. I knew she wasnt right and he figured she wasn’t b/c I have a pretty good reputation for knowing more about my daughter than they do! I gave them credit for making a diagnosis b/c i felt like I was always belittling them… but not an hour later I was convinced it was something else. and THAT is why something just told me not to give her those antibiotics. so I dind’t. thnak god.Go Mommies!!!

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