I planned out dinners through September 25.  Yes, that’s right, 44 days in advance.  Probably won’t stick to it *every* single day, but I’ve got the basics for all of them on hand.

Also planned out my canning/freezing through September.  We’ll see how that goes.  Have to do it around dh’s wood-cutting schedule, but produce from the garden won’t necessarily wait for dh.

Did our budget for next month.  On a no-debt mission.
No, our mortgage is at least 15 years away from being paid off (my ambitious goal is by 2020, even though it’s a typical 30-year loan), but that’s also if dh never gets a raise.  Which probably won’t happen because people like him are supposedly in high demand.

Picked a few blueberries and dh picked 2 big zucchini and 9 cucumbers today.  Started giving cucumbers away. 

Got a favorite zucchini recipe?  Share, please.    We’ll have enough to freeze pounds of it *and* to annoy our neighbors with it.  Same with cucumbers.

Decided when in October ds1’s birthday party will be.  Even wrote down on the calendar when I need to send out the invites.  No idea whether we’ll get him a present or not.  If we do, it’ll probably be clothes because he’s got enough crap.

Am seriously thinking of just getting a fridge or oven box for ds1 for Christmas.  By then the basement should be in better shape and the house/car/whatever it ends up being could hang out down there.  Hell, the kid drove an empty Coke box around the living room for almost an hour today.  The simple things.


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  1. Ambitious!! I’ve got a great brown sugar zucchini bread recipe hanging around here. I’ll track it down and then should I post it in comments, on my blog, or email it to you?
    The box idea sounds great! My son loves boxes too and he’s four!

  2. Those look yummy, I love the girl guide chocolate mint cookies, a match made in heaven, chocolate and mint.
    As for the zuchinni, go to recipezaar.com and search zuchinni, there will be tons of recipes theree, and many are rated.  I submitted one, but it got two stars :(.  I make everything with zuchinni right now, soup, stir fry, muffins etc.

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