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The rules:
Once you are tagged, you must post six things about yourself which are either weird, unusual, habitual, or are just plain fun to hear about (and true!). Once you post these things in your blog, you must gently tag six to ten others in the Xanga world, who then must follow the same rules you did.

1) I don’t do linoleum floors.  The only way our kitchen floor gets mopped is when dh does it.  Dh rocks.

2) However, I do vacuum.  I just don’t do it often.  I’m lazy and I have kids.

3) I plan to have a mortgage burning party in the future.  Never been to one, and I bet ours will be the first I ever attend.

4) I’m turning into my grandmothers.  Which is most definitely a good thing.  Minus the housecoats though.

5) I’m typing on a 10yo laptop.  It’s 4 times the height of current laptops, has survived an ex and my toddler so far.  It slowly runs on Windows 98, but hey, it runs (well, slow jog may be a more apt term).  And it’s paid for.

6) After my ex-fiance (before dh) and I broke up, I realized why he didn’t like ‘adult’ toys.  They were better than he was.

If you’re reading this, you’re tagged.  You know who you are, as do I… 

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  1. A mortgage burning party sounds awesome.  Are you close?  What a great accomplishment paying off a mortgage is.
    LMAO @ #6!  You are too funny.  🙂

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