Death sucks.

How are you?

My parents just came up to stay last night.  I was up talking to my dad until 1:30am.  Mostly listening to his… let’s say “interesting” perspective on things.  Yes, it was a mild stroke, and yes, he did live in his own reality before all this, but now it’s a bit more pronounced.

So anyway, we were talking about his and mom’s finances, that everything goes to me and my sister, that he’s started cashing everything out and trying to sell stuff, etc.  They need to revise their will (uh, in the last one it names guardians for me and my sister – I’ve got my own kids and my sister’s in grad school), and I told both of them I need a copy, just in case.   Forgot to ask about a living will, organ donation and burial/cremation.  At least they have some money to live on (think about previous rants).

When Dad was diagnosed back in March, the doctors told him he had a year left.  Today he got another MRI, and results/interpretation should be in early next week.  We’ll see.  So at least he’s getting his affairs in order for whenever he dies – whether it’s next week or next decade (I sure hope this doesn’t drag out that long, ugh).

What’s bizarre is that I’m not all that upset about the thought of my dad dying as I am about trying to explain to a 3yo that Grandpa’s not coming back.  Ever.  Ds1’s *really* attached to Dad for some reason, even though my dad ignores him most of the time when he comes over.  Sometimes life sucks.  So much for me wanting to have kids young so they’d have a shot at knowing their grandparents. 

And just to make things even more interesting, my sister called from Europe today (she’s taking classes over there this summer).  She *just* broke up with her boyfriend of 3 or 4 years.  Poor kid.  Was her first boyfriend, too.  And they were living together.  She doesen’t even come back to the states for almost another month.  I’ve got more thoughts on this, but she occasionally checks the blog and probably wouldn’t want me spilling specific details.  🙂



Garden fresh tomatoes rock.  My toddler knows what bruschetta is, and *loves* it!  Kinda funny.

Need to nail down details of another checking/savings account.  Reworking our finances yet again.  I’m hating debt more and more and I’m on a mission to get it the hell away from us.

We need a couch.  We’re a family of four with seating for three.  Company gets to sit on the shag carpeting.  The Jumperoo doesn’t count as seating.


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  1. I’m so sorry about your dad and ds.  That’s frustrating. 
    I hope you get good news, or at least news that you can handle, about the MRI.

  2. I am so sorry about the whole situation with your dad.  That would be so much to process emotionally.  The details must be intense. 
    My heart goes out to your sister.  It is so heartbreaking when you break up with your first love. 

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