WTH is wrong with people?

Ds2 is outgrowing his small diapers, so I’m sizing up.  I pm’d a gal who had some for sale, and told her I’d love 3 of one color and 3 of another color.  Sent her the paypal (which was quite a chunk of change, at least to me).
I just got an email where she says ‘oops, I’ve only got 2 of one color left.’  Because she can’t keep track of messages or emails.  So since she can’t even handle that simple task, I asked for my money back because who knows, maybe she doesn’t know the way to the PO.  Argh.  I really wanted those diapers, too.

So, if you see some bumGenius diapers for sale (twilight or grasshopper), let me know.  Please.

Laura – I’ll send them out Monday.  Our PO is closed on Saturdays.  Gotta love a small town.    So you’ll probably get them once you’re already done.

I was even wearing ds1 (all 38 gangly inches and 28ish pounds) in a back carry in the mei tai while carrying ds2 in his bucket at the library today.  When I’m a little preoccupied like that, I don’t particularly care if anyone’s concerned about my fat rolls.  They don’t have a toddler screaming at them or running into them, so I figure it’s a good cause.

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