Wednesday kinda freaked me out.
I went in to dh’s work to drop off some popsicles because we’re in the middle of a heat wave (who isn’t right now?) and they have no air conditioning.  Dh’s bosses were in a meeting, so I didn’t get to show off the kiddos that day.  On my way out the door, I see the gal boss rushing around downstairs, and she gives me a cryptic ‘there’s an emergency upstairs’ before running off.  I didn’t think much about it – they have crazy deadlines and stuff all the time.
I got the kids loaded up, and we’re on our way.  At the intersection of the highway and arterial, I see an ambulance and fire truck turn.  I just thought ‘I hope everyone’s okay’ in a universal kind of way.  Then they turn on the street that heads to dh’s work.
About 1/2 mile down the highway, something clicked and I realized it was either co-worker A or coworker B.  One had recently had a stroke.  I called dh from our local bike shop, and yup, the one guy had another stroke.  Luckily he’s doing okay last I heard and it wasn’t a severe stroke, but it’s still scary.
Btw, apparently the popsicles went over well. 

The leaning tower of beans:

Got cucumber?

I had a zucchini photo, but it must’ve gotten lost in the shuffle.
The poor rose bushes have started leaning out (instead of their normal vertical) to get their share of sun.  Dh thinks it’s cool.  I feel bad for the roses.

The tomato plant in the front:

Can you see the apricots?

See the apples?

12 weeks post-partum:

(He’s not stoned, just amazed/curious about the camera.)

Night before last’s dinner that was on the table in 20 minutes:


2 thoughts on “

  1. It is so cool to see your self-portraits with a baby!  He’s such a cutie!
    Love the garden!  I could totally go for some fresh tomatoes right now. 

  2. I’m getting a mei tei! a friend makes them and I tried to today and loved it!! =) thought you would appreciate that hahaand yes I want the mama cloths, please! how much is shipping? THANK YOU!!! (I’d love them asap if possible b/c I;m going to be um starting any day now!)

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