Have lots more thoughts on this book.  Need to process through them all.  Definitely read it if you can.  Makes me want to whip our finances into shape even more, and is making me think about stuff I say/think we ‘need’ to realize I just really really want it – but don’t necessarily need it.
And even though I shouldn’t, I still feel guilty sometimes because I’m not going to an office job 5 days a week and bringing home a paycheck.  I started babysitting at 13/14, had 3 simultaneous part-time jobs the last few years of college, and didn’t stop working until after ds1 was born.  It’s such a mental conflict/change for me, even though both my grandmothers were homemakers.  And I’m still sure we’re going to end up supporting dh’s parents (even though he’s adamant that won’t happen – but look at the track record), so I’ve been worrying about that.  I never really liked debt, and I dislike it more and more as I get older.  Moving on…

What went straight from our garden into dinner (omelets) last night:

I also know my library card number by heart now.  Don’t ask me what my driver’s license number is, but I’ve got the library one licked.

MIL passed the giant/major exam for her Rx degree!  According to her the fail rate has drastically gone up lately, and she was really freaking out about it.  Just one more test (that’s supposed to be easier) and she’s set to actually get a job.  Hopefully not in the same town, otherwise the boys and I would really miss dh.

I’ve really got to get on the ball and declutter a bunch in our main living area.  I’m starting to think some of ds1’s meltdowns/tantrums are from the semi-permanent mess we’ve got around here.  Makes sense he’d be (slightly) more calm with calmer surroundings.  Also means I need to toss/file away half his toys.

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