How much poop can come from two little kids?  A lot.  I want to go on a Poop Patrol strike sometimes.  It’s enough that I have to deal with my own and sometimes the aftermath of dh’s.

I’m an idiot.  See, I know the toaster’s hot.  Really, I do.  But does that really register at the appropriate time?  Not so much.

S’mores nachos.  Yum.

First tomato of the season:

We ate it just minutes after I took this photo.  It was good.

Still have to argue/make a point if I want dh to take a picture of me with the kids.  Shouldn’t their mommy be in at least a handful of their baby/growing up photos?

(On a side note, isn’t the cleavage impressive?  Apparently squished nursing boobs look pretty decent…)

Off to find my happy place…  My dad’s walking around my kitchen in his underwear.  At least he’s not naked like he usually is at my parents’ house.


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  1. Good gracious, even with smores and fresh tomatoes and decent cleavage….I would need a happy place with my dad in my kitchen in his underpants. Good grief, mama! Here’s to your happy place.

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