Yummy bruschetta I’ve been making for myself the last few days:

Garlic-Parmesan rolls, garlic olive oil, fresh basil from the garden, tomatoes, mozzarella or provolone.  Yum.  Will be even better when our tomatoes start ripening. 

The garden that’s completely insane, but still not big enough for my tastes (I’m weird).  Besides, when things have gotten ripe so far, they end up being eaten within 15 minutes.  Definitely not enough for us to can/freeze a little bit.

Blueberry bushes and raspberry sharing:

Beans around the giant trellis, green peppers in front of them, grapes on the small fan trellis.

Cute little grapes:

Green peppers!

Some herbs:

Holy cucumbers, Batman!

Well, and zucchini.  Dh apparently didn’t believe me when I said we only needed to plant maybe 6 seeds max each.  We’ll be surprising our neighbors this year with something. 

First tomato of the season that’s turning orangy:

Strawberry patch in front, tomatoes in the back.  Lots of both.


4 thoughts on “

  1. Awww, that second pic of the boys is the sweetest!
    The garden is looking fab!  Garden fresh tomatoes are heaven. 

  2. The garden looks great. I know what you mean by not big enough and eaten with in minutes. I have one 25×75 foot garden plus many smaller 4x8s and I’m still running to the farmers to buy stuff for canning and freezing.
    Cute boys too.

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