Nothing to see here right now.  I’m boring.
Took ds1 for bike ride Friday and Saturday nights.
Took both kids for a stroll Sunday night while dh went and saw X-Men 3 at the theater with a college friend of his that was visiting.  I think dh was happy about hanging out with a guy friend rather than his boring wife and insane kids.  And I didn’t have to go see X-Men in the theater. 
Picked some more raspberries.  There’s only a handful of them ripe at the same time, and ds1 promptly eats them.  I think my grand plans of making homemade jam (at least from our own garden) are out the window.
Dh’s friend left for his own home today, and ds1 is going to be so mad later when he realizes that.  The friend and ds1 got along famously, it was amusing.

Oh, I did manage to actually made edible brown rice!  Alton Brown is awesome!
Dh made broccoli beef last night, so I attempted brown rice.  Now that I know I can make it and it tastes good, I can buy it and make it lots more often.

I also started the layout for if we can ever redo our kitchen.

Whoever (a man, I’m sure) designed it had never cooked.  Ever.  The storage spaces are off, appliance placement sucks, etc.  I can dream, right?  I keep telling myself and dh that we just need to have a plan, estimate the costs of everything, and then we can save up for it – so we know what we’re dealing with for my almost-dream kitchen.  Hey, everybody’s allowed to have dreams.

And then the other day when we were at Costco we found something I’d been looking for.  It’s a dry-erase board/corkboard/letter-paper organizer thingie.  With a pretty walnut finished frame.

Much prettier than the dry-erase board and corkboard of dh’s past.  Dh’s college friend even recognized them.  Dh started college over a decade ago.  So anyway, I really like the new thing.



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  1. Okay so, 1. What’s the secret to the perfect brown rice? Does it have to do with using a lot more water and cooking it sort of like pasta?  and 2. OMG could your boys BE any cuter??!! Look at your smoochy baby! I love how you caught your older son laughing in that first photo.

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