Yes, we use cloth.  Very Baby AIO’s and Happy Heiny’s to be exact.  I do have a bumGenius on the way to try out – having a number of different little systems for both is getting annoying, and if a one-size thing like bG works, yay.  Has snaps, may be slightly harder for ds to undo, but probably not by much.

I may hand the kids to dh tonight and go find an annoying outfit somewhere, that’s a good idea.  Still need to take a shower though.

As for the time he pees on the bed or whines for a new diaper – usually around 5am.  If dh and I felt up to it (neither of us are morning people) we could try waking up, taking the potty in there and attempting to have ds do his business.  But ds will hold it, hold it, hold it, then flood.  With or without diaper.  But he’s not to the point of peeing on cue though (unless we stick him in the shower with the water running for 2+ minutes, and then we’re stuck with him taking a 15 minute shower).

Yes, we have had poop flinging.  He got it on the sheets, pillowcase, two blankets, the stuffed bear and the wall.  That sucks.

Ds *loves* helping with laundry when he’s in the mood.  He’ll put my piles from the bedroom floor into the basket, throw the stuff from the basket into the washer, then from the dryer into the basket with glee.

I was so tempted to tell dh to make ds just sleep in his pee-sheets last night…

Oh, and did I mention ds knows where the diaper pail is?  And knows that mommy folds back the velcro tabs?  Yeah.


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  1. thanks for the additional info— you have a hard situation.our ds4 was getting OUT OF BED and walking around at age 13mo at 2am and we were all too tired to notice. i get the tired thing totally.sorry about the poop fling too.i realize i sounded CRUEL re the pee-pee sheets. if i thought it was truly cruel or would hurt him at ALL i would never suggest it. my kids peed in bed so much for several months that they smelled blankets to know if they were clean, but often they didn’t care if it was their favorite quilt (gross)happy heinys do come off pretty easy. hmmmmm!

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