Quick Stats:

Baby boy (no name yet – dh and I are working on it)

9 pounds, 11 ounces  (!!!)

22 inches long

5 1/4 hour labor

May 1, 7:03am

Okay, so, the details…

My water broke at 1:40am.  Which was definitely different because *nothing* came out of me until I started pushing ds1 out.  Contractions were 30-60 seconds, 2-4 minutes apart.  Not too bad, I was pulling things out for the midwives and all for about an hour.  Around 3am the contractions started getting more intense.  Dh called the midwife (one’s on call and then calls the others once they determine what’s going on), and said we didn’t need her right away, but that she should probably get dressed.  I’d also warned her a few weeks ago that we don’t have coffee in our house, so if she needed some when we called that she’d need to bring her own.  She ended up getting dressed, going to her office/birth center to grab some of her supplies, starting the coffee maker, and resting for about an hour on one of the beds she’s got there.

Somewhere around 4:30-5am dh called her again (at my demand) to come over so she could at least check me and see where I was with dilation and effacement.  After the first midwife got here she checked me and I was 2cm dilated and fully effaced.  But my cervix was paper thin, and she stretched it to 4cm while up there.

I was still contracting away, and moving from the toilet to kneeling up against the bed to laying on my left side on the bed.  Every time I changed positions the contractions would shift their timing, but come back stronger after a few.  Laying on the bed produced more painful contractions, but then I was laying down in between them, and I loved that minute or two of respite where I didn’t have to support myself.  I was moaning or saying really long, drawn out “ow”s, clutching my poor pillow during every contraction.  Right around here is when I started thinking drugs would be kinda nice, but I know I can do this whole childbirth thing.

A little before 7am they checked me again, I was 8cm and fully effaced.  They said as soon as I had an overwhelming urge to push, push.  So at 7am I did.  I was on my side, and I swear it took forever for them to flip me over to my back.  I thought I wouldn’t deliver on my back again like I did with ds, but at that point I didn’t care.  I had a bunch of fluid gush out while I was still on my side, and the midwifes started scurrying to put on their gloves – they didn’t think I’d start pushing that quickly.    So they helped me get on my back, and I started pushing.  Baby’s head stayed partway in/partway out for a minute or two (felt like forever) because I didn’t have another contraction to push with.  It’s like my contractions just disappeared, and I ended up having to push the baby out on my own without a contraction.  That kinda sucked.  But I did it!  In 3 minutes, nonetheless.  All 3 midwives were impressed.  And during this they were doing warm compresses and perenial massage, but I wasn’t really paying attention – I wanted that little creature out of me.  Baby finally slid out and was put on my chest.  I think the apgars were 9 or 10, whatever.  It was a little purple-ish, but fussing about being cold.  After being put on my chest/tummy and covered with a warm towel baby was happier.  I asked dh like 4 times whether it was a boy or a girl.  After an eternity (you know, like 30 seconds) he finally told me it was a boy.    Then our new little boy started trying to suck on my fingers.  Huh, okay, so we tried to breastfeed.  Took a few tries, but finally got baby latched and it went to town for a few minutes.  Got a few interesting contractions from the bf’ing.  But the placenta still didn’t come out.  Had dh take the baby, and the midwives helped me up into a squat to get it out (it was detached, just taking it’s sweet time coming out).

But here’s the kicker (at least for me) – I didn’t tear!  Well, I might have a surface tear or two where it stings a little when I pee, but considering I pushed out a 9lb11oz baby, it’s quite a feat for me.  With 7lb15oz ds I had a 2nd degree episiotomy at the hospital.

Ds2 nursed again a few more times before the midwives started leaving…  I took a nice herbal bath, with the baby so he warmed up quite nicely.  I currently have chux pads on the bathroom floors in front of the toilets because I’m still a little messy.  It’ll take me a few days to get my post-partum peeing routine down again.

Then dh started calling our parents.  My parents and MIL are over here right now – mostly playing with ds1.  That’s probably all the relatives that’ll visit.  The rest are 2-6 hours away, and most of them have never even been to our house in the 2.5 years we’ve been here.

So now we’re trying to keep ds1 from attacking ds2 (gentle isn’t quite in his vocabulary yet), my biceps are sore for some reason (maybe from attacking my poor pillow during contractions?), and dh is exhausted.  Need to find a good name for ds2 since he’s not a girl.    I’m feeling good, just a little worn out because I’m running on basically one hour of sleep and we still have ds1 to chase after.
I’m sore, and moving slowly.  But up and moving.  The afterpains are a bitch though.  Ouch.  Ds2 has darkish brown hair, and his eyes look kinda brownish (it’s hard to tell).  Quite a departure from our strawberry-blond blue-eyed ds1.

Oh, and one fun similarity between ds1 and ds2’s births… both due dates (according to my care providers) were Fridays.  They were both born the following Mondays.  Go figure.


7 thoughts on “

  1. Woo-hoooo!! Way to go mama!! Great birth, you sound so happy right now. I agree, afterpains the second time around are a hell of a lot worse than the first time. Can’t wait to see you precious new little man. You did great! I’m so proud of you. I know that you must be thrilled that you didn’t need a cut and that you didn’t tear.

  2. Whoops, I checked from my subs page and didn’t realize you already posted pics of him. He is an angel! So sweet! Yummy newborns are the best.

  3. He is beautiful!!  Congrats on not tearing!  That was always the worst part of recovery for me. 
    Thanks for posting pics!  He’s an absolutely gorgeous baby!

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